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Addiction Treatment for Travelling Musicians

traveling musician addiction treatmentTraveling musicians are a unique group of people. Taking to the road night after night is invigorating for some and trying for others. Some people thrive on the adventure of a constantly touring profession, enjoying the newness of the people and places they encounter, but others grow weary of constantly moving, feeling more and more unstable with each passing day. It is this second type of person who becomes a likely victim of addiction. Traveling musicians are very prone to addiction, and those who fall into it often require professional addiction treatment to find their way back out. This type of person should know that there are addiction treatment programs designed specifically for people like them.

Because substance abuse is such a prevalent addiction among traveling musicians, the first thing they will encounter in addiction treatment is a detoxification. This cleanses the body of toxins and helps the individual feel healthy again. This is often imperative after time on the road, as frequently the body has not received proper rest, exercise or nutrition for a time. It is important to take this step under the care of medical and mental health professionals as withdrawing from substance abuse can cause dangerous symptoms.

After the detox is complete, the cognitive behavioral work will begin. This is the point in which an addiction treatment program geared toward addicted musicians is important. More and more rehabs are emerging with programs tailored to specific careers and vocations, with the idea of treating like minded people and individuals from similar walks of life with relevant addiction treatment methods. In programs that are created with musicians in mind, it is not uncommon for staff people to be former addicted musicians themselves who fought for their recovery, and can lend their personal experiences usefully to other recovering musicians. In treatment, the individual will receive group counseling and individual counseling, therapeutic and recreational activities, workbook exercise and relevant readings, access to support group meetings and number of other treatment methods. If you are a touring musician in need of quality addiction treatment that is relevant to your life, employ the services of a professional addiction treatment center today.


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