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Life on the Road

addiction and life on the roadThere are a number of people for whom life on the road is a reality. A number of professions and vocations call people to travel for a variety of reasons. Whether they are traveling salesman or performers, the road becomes a way of life and becomes a type of home. Traveling professionals do not have lifestyle in common with the average person. So much of the routine and ritual of life is forgone for a more spontaneous, adventurous existence. Life on the road has both positive and negative effects on a person.
There are a number of good experiences and positive life lessons that a person can take from an existence of travel. There is an obvious attraction to a travel lifestyle for a number of people who have wanderlust, and often these people flourish in this type of existence. Traveling professionals are given the opportunity to sight see and become exposed to regions, environments and cultures that they may have otherwise never experienced. Traveling also means forming relationships with a great many people, and getting to know some of the most unique personalities there are. This greatly enhances a person’s perspective on the world and tends to leave people far more open minded and educated than they were before they began traveling.
However, a life of travel is not always a positive thing. There a number of drawbacks to the rootlessness of extended traveling that can have negative consequences on certain types of people. Loneliness is a common side effect of wandering. Unlike people who are settled into a community, travelers tend to have far more sporadic and unreliable relationships on the road. Save for the other people they are traveling with, if any, friends and acquaintances are always temporary and many people incorporate it into their lifestyle not to let people in deeply. Rootlessness itself can wear heavily on people who travel. Routines, social and support systems, familiarity and a number of personal goals go by the wayside for long term travellers. In sensitive people, this can lead to mental disorders due to health needs not being met, or addiction in an attempt to cope with the unreliability of a travel lifestyle.

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